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Technical SEO service is the base foundation for a website. Even the tiniest mistakes could affect user experience, ranking, traffic, conversion, and revenue. Fix them to get quality traffic and leads.

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What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a website backend optimisation process. The main goal of backend optimisation is to help web crawlers and users understand your site better. 

Technical SEO focuses on improving page speed, internal linking and usability.

Our UX-focussed technical SEO service ensures that your website adheres to the search engine guidelines. We conduct a technical SEO audit to know your website's current SEO status, rectify flaws and improve them for a better user experience.

Our expert technical SEO professionals have handled more than 100+ clients and helped them achieve success. Assessing your site's condition, we deliver an impeccable plan to enhance your ranking.

Our Technical SEO Optimisation Strategy

We greatly push to utilise all strategies to strengthen your website's technical SEO and thrive in business. Here are some of the common tactics that we use in technical SEO optimisations.

1- Website audit

First, our experts will conduct an audit to measure your website's current performance and identify spaces to work on and improve. 

Our skilled SEO gurus will delve deeper to collect even the tiniest technical details to improve your site's performance.

2- Competitor analysis

We conduct competitor analysis to find what your competitors are doing. We analyse their keywords, ranking, technical profiles, strategies, and build a perfect strategy to overcome them.

3- Mobile-friendliness

There are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world. Google now considers mobile responsiveness as a crucial ranking factor. Our technical SEO consultants in London will enhance your site's mobile responsiveness to get your landing pages to the top of the search engines.

4- Structured data

Implementing structured data to your pages helps search engines understand and crawl your site easily. Using structured data markup code on your website will improve your business's visibility, SERP, and conversion.

5- Security

Security builds trust. Search engines also value security factors for ranking. We will help you implement HTTPS on your site to increase safety, build trust, domain authority, and ranking.

6- URL structure

URL structure also helps Google understand what the page is about. A cluttered URL is hard for Google to acknowledge and rank. We will organise your URLs and make sure that they are SEO-friendly.

7- Page speed

Google counts page speed when ranking sites. One second delay loading time - increase bounce rate and decrease your ranking. We find reasons for low page speed and optimise them to improve ranking and quality traffic.

8- Internal linking

Internal links play a vital role in technical SEO. Adding links on your web page directing to other pages of your website will help search engine crawlers and users understand your content.

9- Site navigation

Site navigation helps search engines and users find significant pages on the website. Using it will give users a seamless online experience, and search engines crawl your web pages. Our technical experts organise your header and footer options for easy navigation.

 10- Robots.txt files

Robots.txt files will tell the google bots which page to crawl and index. We will help you with creating robots.txt files and indexing the necessary pages on the search engine.

11- Site maps

Reduce confusions with XML and HTML sitemaps. Organising your website URLs in a sequence is the sitemap. It makes your user and crawlers easily grasp your site's content and navigation. 

Why is Technical SEO important?

Google's latest update emphasises user experience. Google ultimately aims for providing an excellent experience for its users. 

If you have a slow-loading webpage and wobbly redirects, you'll be out of competition. 

Without elevating your technical SEO base properly, it's hard to conquer the market. Probably, it will sink your online visibility and traffic, which leads to revenue drop.

Ensuring your technical issues and addressing them will give you an edge over the competition. Your website's technical SEO has to be compatible with the search engine guidelines to stay at the top of the table. Focus on Google's core web vitals and enhance your website.

Optimising your ON-page SEO can be complex. Without proper experience, it's a breathtaking process. Let us do it for you! 

Our professional SEO experts will proceed with a technical SEO audit, fix all issues, and make your business thrive in the online market.

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Your dedicated manager will always be in touch with you. They will keep tracking results, check whether your money is spent well, and tweak strategy for better performance (only if necessary). We know the value of money, and we don't want our customers to waste them.  

End of each month or week, we address your website's performance with reports. So, that you can know how your money is working and can prioritise your needs. 

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