4 Top SEO Strategies For Lifestyle And Finance Brands

  • March 14, 2022
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The financial service industry faces stiff competition with the emergence of FinTech startups and SaaS companies that offer state-of-the-art technology and more advanced solutions. 

The Lifestyle industry is also not left behind as most of the status and exiting businesses use social media to reach out to target customers.

Making your hotel or FinTech become the most sought in your state is not that easy if you will not remain visible online. It takes a lot of effort to appear and position your business before the target audience online.

In this article, you get some SEO tips you can enforce to make your business rank at the top of SERPs.

1 – Focus on Creating Quality Content

You’ve heard the old saying in SEO that content is king. Well, it is not just any content that will make people search your business online. You have to create high-quality and exceptional connections to publish on your site if you want to drive quality traffic your way.

When you create high-quality content, you win trust from your prospects and earn more points from Google to rank you at your competition. Google has set dedicated content evaluators who can use algorithms to evaluate and rank any content on the search engine results page.

Some of the factors Google will consider when ranking the content on your web page include; page purpose, amount of content, and content quality.

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2 – Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research is by far the most important step you should consider when creating content to market your financial business.  

When you search for information on Google and other search engines, you enter a keyword on the search bar – prospects are also doing the same when they look for a financial advisor or the best hotel in town.

Use the right keywords in your content. Creating quality content is all about writing content that is valuable to your target audience. 

You don’t have to concentrate on keywords with the highest search volume. Rather, you can focus on creating a decent piece that people can read, understand, and share.

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When performing keyword research for your content, you should consider factors such as keyword difficulty and keyword volume.  The keyword difficulty will show you how difficult it is to rank on a given keyword.  The keyword volume is the average number of times people are searching for a given keyword.

3 – Improve Your Website Load Time

Another factor you want to consider is your website load time or speed. Site speed is one of the signals that search engines will use to rank your pages. If your website takes more than a minute to load, you will take longer to rank on search results.

A fast-loading site is essential for improving the user experience.  If your website takes longer to load, it means you will likely record a high bounce rate. Recent research by Google shows that at least 53% of mobile users will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

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While optimizing your website for mobile traffic, you should focus mainly on the load time.  Use a reliable tool to test how fast your website loads on different screens. Once you optimize the load time, you will drive and keep most visitors on your website. 

It means you have more time to convince your customers that you are offering the top financial services in the market.

4 – Make Click-Worthy Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a small snippet that explains or describes what your website or specific web page is all about.  It also forms part of the HTML tag that search engines like Google will review your content before ranking it.

Creating meta descriptions for your web pages is important because it gives users a reason to click on your web page. 

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If you are marketing your finance company, you should create click-worthy meta descriptions to drive more people to your website. When more people click on your website, Google will consider it more valuable and rank it at the top.

If you want to create quality meta descriptions, you should:

  • Include relevant keywords that your target customers use to search your business.
  • Ensure the meta descriptions are more specific and descriptive. If you want to target a particular location, you should ensure you mention it in the meta description.
  • Add a Call-To-Action (CTA) on the meta description if possible. Go straight to the point and tell your prospects what you want them to do.

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Final Thoughts

It should not be that difficult to rank your business at the top of search engines if you master the top SEO tips. If you run a lifestyle or a financial service business, you want to employ these tips to create brand awareness and make your brand visible online.

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