SE Ranking Review: Top Features & Pricing

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When it comes to positioning your website before the right audience, you need to invest your time in keyword research to develop quality content. There are plenty of SEO tools you can invest your money now and take your digital marketing to the net level.

SE Ranking is one of the best SEO tools you can have under the sun when doing keyword tracking.

With SE Ranking, you can easily track how your primary keywords are performing, conduct website audits, check the quality of keyword backlinks, and conduct competitor analysis to find out what they are doing to remain at the top.  

SE Ranking Review

This is an all-in-one SEO tool you can always count on if you are looking for the best keyword tracker. In this review, we explore all the key features of SE Ranking and help you decide whether you should spend your money on it or not.

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is a web-based software that you can use to successfully oversee and complete your business’s digital and online marketing projects. It is an ideal SEO and marketing solution for small and large organizations, agencies, and SEO professionals. With this software, you gain access to the tools you need for:

  • Backlink monitoring
  • Keyword research
  • Website audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword suggestion
  • Keyword grouping
  • Professional reporting

SE Ranking comes in a user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to use. Also, over 500,000 people are using this software globally. Let’s learn more about SE Ranking by looking at some of its key features.

Why is SE Ranking that useful for SEO?

This keyword tracking is a must-have if you believe SEO can put your online business where it should be. Some SEO actions do not yield immediate results but only take time. Other actions may require a review before you can realize any positive results.

This will happen because of many reasons. Some of those reasons are discussed by Google in their May 2020 announcement.

According to this announcement, as a search engine, Google will mainly focus on sites that offer better on-page experiences for users. It means if your website is facing issues with loading time, security, responsiveness, and lacking intrusive elements, you are not likely to appear on the first page of search results on Google.

This means you should take care of what you publish on your website to continue growing your site on Google. Therefore, you should make adjustments to your content strategy so that it focuses more on the audience and user experience with the content you publish.

Other factors may also require minor adjustments in addition to the search engine algorithm. For instance, your web page or content may be having a link to a blog post or publication that is no longer valid or doesn’t exist. You have to reject such links because they will harm how Google ranks your website.

When you do keyword tracking and research, you will find out the most trending keywords in the industry. You can make good use of top keywords in your industry and keep up with the stiff competition from your rivals. 

You stay ahead of your competitors when you have a reliable SEO tool that gives you tips on which keywords are the most appropriate for your online content.

Key Features of SE Ranking

 The following are some of the key features of SE Ranking you should know:

1. Keyword Suggestion

Keyword research is the starting point for creating content that relates to your target audience. To create quality and relevant content, you  have to research the best primary keywords to include in the content. 

With SE Ranking, you get a list of some of the top keywords you should have in your content. You can easily search and discover some of the terms that most people search for when they visit the internet.

Some of the most common tools SEO experts would use for keyword research are SEM rush and Ubersuggest. However, SE Ranking is also suitable for doing this kind of work for you hands-free. All you need is a single keyword, and SE Ranking will suggest both short and long-tail keywords that you should use in your content.

2. Keyword Monitoring 

With SE Ranking, you can easily monitor all the keywords used on your website in real-time. You can do this over multiple search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, and many others. You can also limit the search geographically based on city and the country or region.

3. Keyword Grouper 

Are you looking for the best keyword grouper in 2021? Well, there are many options out there, but SE Ranking comes out as one of the best you can choose for your SEO. The keyword grouper helps you with organizing your work for future content creation.

Grouping keywords is a bit tedious if you are doing it manually. SE Ranking makes this work easier for you. The tool can combine words with similar meanings and synonyms, enabling you to choose the best word format for your content. You will be able to distribute the terms by content and insert them in suitable locations.

4. On-Page Checker

This is another fantastic feature you can find in most SEO tools, and SE Ranking is no exception. The on-page checker works in the same way as that of Yoast SEO; It will consider meta tags, title tags, links, image attributes, loading speed, page structure, keyword density, and many other factors. 

SE Ranking does a full on-page analysis and gives you complete information that you will need to obtain an on-page SE Rating. This will always have great weight among the search engine ranking factors.

5. Backlink Checking

When it comes to back-linking, it’s more than just having three hyperlinks in a 500-word document. A backlink is one of the most important aspects of any content. Any off-page strategy should include backlinks as an element to drive quality traffic to the website. Backlinks are the internal and external links pointing to your website.

Backlinks are important because Google and other search engines will use them to conclude that your website is of high or low quality. The more links you have that are pointing to your site, the higher your website ranks. However, you want to ensure that they come from relevant and authority locations when you add links to your website.

If a link contains low-quality content, it is needless to hyperlink it to your content. When you realize the link is of low quality, you should tell Google to reject them. Now, finding low-quality links on your website is one hell of a task if you decide to go manual. 

With SE Ranking, you can quickly identify all the internal and external links on your site and inform Google accordingly of what links you want to be rejected.

6. Website Analytics 

At times your website may have different SEO issues that limit your SEO page ranking. With the web analytics feature, you can conduct a complete website audit and find all the websites in search problems that may harm both SEO and your target users.

SE Ranking website gives you an example of a report it generates when you do web auditing. It points out all the errors present on your website and classifies the errors according to the degree of importance. The tool also provides you the options for correcting some of the errors on your website.

7. Marketing Plan

Every SEO pro will have a marketing plan to put their website at the top. SE Ranking helps you with your marketing plan. It presents the marketing plan in a checklist format, making it easy for you to see everything you need to improve or remove from your strategy.

The tool will also point at some of the best SEO practices your team can implement. It will clarify what you are currently doing on your site, what you should do differently, and what needs to be implemented to help your website compete favorably.

The feature will guide you through essential steps like developing a strategy, performing on and off-page optimisation, and conducting keyword research. It also helps you with social media management reminding you of some digital marketing tips that can change your website ranking over time.

8. Page Monitoring 

You can use SE Ranking for page monitoring if you are working as a team. When a professional changes your web page, the tool will help you monitor any changes they make. In some cases, you have to maintain control of the content on your website.  

This is why you need SEO tools that help you monitor your website closely. SE Ranking keeps you in communication with your marketing team to avoid any mistakes that would cost your website in the future.

When any team member makes a slight change on your site, you will receive a notification. You stay informed round the clock on what is happening on your blog and website.

The Benefits And Drawbacks of Using SE Ranking 


  • It is easy to set up: As a beginner, it’s not that easy to start using and SEO tool. The website will guide you through a five-step process to get you started. In the guide, you learn how to enter your site general information, choose a keyword that you want to track, and select a location you prefer the most.
  • All-inclusive: This is a tool you usually use for checking how your website is performing on the search engine results page (SERP). This tool not only keeps an eye on SEO ranking but also helps you keep track of what your competitors are doing differently.
  • Value for money: The tool offers more key features and functionalities, saving you some money. You can use SE Ranking to monitor your website and manage those from your client. The cheapest plan on SE ranking comes with more robust functionalities you are not likely to find in other tools.
  • A complete library: Learning how to use SE Ranking is difficult because it has a vast resource library where you can refer when stuck.


  • The company does not provide 24/7 customer support on live chat and email. This may be a problem if you have an emergency that you want to sort out by contacting the customer desk.
  • The local SEO database is not up to the mark. The tool does not have a detailed local database.

SE Ranking Pricing 

SE Ranking offers you three different pricing plans you can choose based on your preferences and budget.

SE Ranking Pricing
  • Essential plan: The plan goes for $31 per month and enables you to track up to 250 keywords.
  • Pro plan: You get this plan for only $71, and you can use it to track up to 10,000 keywords only.
  • Business plan: The plan goes for $151 per month and allows you to track up to 25,000 keywords.

You can also pay more to track more keywords. When using SE Ranking. The company offers you a custom plan based on your budget and preferences.

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve been looking for one of the most reliable SEO tools, your search should stop when you find SE Rankings. This powerful SEO engine is one of the best SEO tools you can have for your website content strategy. The website helps you to track thousands of keywords, perform website audits and analytics, and monitor any changes your marketing team makes on the website.

You can choose SE Ranking if you want to put your website at the top of SERP. This tool helps you with competitors’ analysis; you will quickly analyze what your competitors are doing that makes them appear at the top. SE Ranking is affordable, easy to use, and reliable. It comes with more features giving you value for every coin you spend.

 Use SE Ranking to watch your website content strategy and choose keywords that matter the most in your niche.

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