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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a digital marketing strategy that improves your company's local visibility on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  

Whether you have a brick-to-mortar store, or a small online store, local SEO improves the visibility of your business on search engines for geo-specific search queries. 

For example, If you're running a restaurant in London, Local SEO will boost your search engine ranking for search query "restaurant near me" or "best restaurants in London.” 

Built To Last SEO Service has a team of local SEO gurus who have helped businesses acquire more customers and double their revenues. 

Partner with local London SEO consultants to optimise your website and improve your local SEO to rank at the top of the search engine for location-related searches. 

Local SEO Optimisation Process We Follow 

We follow the below local SEO tactics to drive more traffic, conversion and revenue

Local Keyword Research

Optimising the website to rank on top for location-based queries begins with identifying the most relevant local keywords.

We select the best local keywords for your business after carefully considering long-tail keyword searches, search volume, CPC data, and click data. We then use it on your website and your Google My Business listing to improve the ranking of your business.

We optimise your landing page, title, and meta descriptions with the keyword to rank on google for local search. 

If your neighbourhood people or those new to your location, search your business on Google, and your business appears on the top of the page, they will contact you or offer a visit to your store.

Google My Business listing Optimisation

Google My Business listing is a precious gem for local SEO. To rank on the search engine, you have to optimise your Google My Business profile. 

We help you create and optimise your profile by filling up your business name, address, working hours, and contact details. To earn credibility and stay at the top of the ranking, we share the exact information across all the other local business listing platforms.

Once the optimisation is done and people start to search using location-based queries like "best (your business) near me" or "top (your business) shop near me," your business starts to rank at the top.  

Local citations and Location Based Local Landing Pages 

A local citation is sharing your company profile on different local business listing platforms. We use business directories, blogs, and other local business sites to drive local traffic and improve your search engine rankings.

We also optimise for NAP. It stands for Name, Address, and location. For Local SEO, this information is crucial, and you have to give a reliable and same one across all citations and search listings. It improves ranking factors and traffic when it's accurate and reliable.

Building a webpage dedicated to your location is also an effective and efficient local SEO strategy. We create a keyword-optimised web page dedicated to your location that improves your local keywords' visibility and search engine ranking.

Optimise the user experience

The latest Google core vitals update emphasises user experience (UX). If you want to increase your ranking factor and successfully convert your traffic, it is essential to eye on user experience.

User experience is a crucial reason for your higher bounce rate. If your website has good navigation, loads less than three seconds, captivating visuals and content, you can reduce your bounce rate.

Local Link Building

Link acquisition is vital for search engine ranking. Links from reputed sites and local sites directed to your website appeals to search engine ranking factors and increase traffic.

You can approach other reputed or local authoritative sites for guest posting to drive traffic. Further, creating blogs using local keywords will help you navigate local traffic to your websites. 

Reviews and Ratings

97% of people are using search engines to gather information about a local company. Local business reviews and ratings can be found on the search engine.

Reviews and ratings are a great way to earn credibility. 61% of the people are hesitant to make a purchase without checking reviews. If you have good ratings and positive reviews, people will trust you and convert. Manage your reviews to reap the benefits.

Mobile responsive design

Everyone has a smartphone. 72% of the people are expecting a mobile-friendly website. People's one-stop solution to collect information is their mobile phone.

An appealing mobile responsive design can attract your customer's attention and increase your conversion rate. Do you know? 61% of mobile Googlers have contacted local businesses because of their mobile responsiveness.

We'll take out all your hassles and perform all the seven techniques to bring outstanding local results. We're with you to make your business thrive and outsmart your competitors.

The power of Local SEO services in London

Leaving to embrace local SEO is like avoiding a vast revenue. Over the past two years, "Near me" and "Close by" searches have increased more than 900%!!!

Adding to that, 4 in 5 people use search engines to trace local businesses. 

Can you see the tremendous potential of Local SEO?

Optimising your website and focusing on the local searches can make your business a revenue-generating machine.

Here are some of the benefits of Local SEO:

  • Increased business visibility
  • Increased quality traffic
  • Improved credibility, reputation, and retention
  • Increased revenue 

Take your business from better to best with our Local SEO Services!

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