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Backlinks are crucial for building reputation and authority. The more quality links you have, the more you stay at the top to get more relevant referral traffic to your site.

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What is Link Building?

Link building is a powerful SEO ranking technique. Link building services help generate new high-quality backlinks to your website to improve your ranking on the search engine.

Search engines value quality over quantity. Only relevancy, quality, domain history, and authority matter. We approach the right website with unique quality content relevant to your industry, to increase the chances of link approval naturally. 

If poorly done, you can lose visibility, traffic, and ultimately revenue.

What Factors Make A Quality Link?

Some factors and metrics determine the quality of a backlink. They're:

  • Domain authority
  • Domain Rating
  • High Organic Traffic
  • Low Spam Score
  • Link Relevance
  • Natural Anchor Text
  • Link's position on the page
  • Mix of Do follow And No-follow Links

Why Choose Built To Last Link Building Company in London?

Built To Last SEO is a reputed link building provider in London who has contacts with many influential bloggers across every niche. 

Our experienced backlink experts create a bespoke link building strategy to help you reap exceptional traffic and conversion rates. 

Partner with us to create quality links from authoritative sites and increase your domain authority, domain rating, and domain value. 

With several years of experience, we have hundreds of happy customers who trust us. 

Built to last SEO service is one of the best digital marketing agencies in London. We have a bunch of experienced, enthusiastic, energetic professionals who are eager to help customers.

We have experienced specialists who always find a way to make our customer's business thrive. 

When it comes to link building, we don't build it for sake. Our experts deliver quality links from a high DA and low spam-score websites to boost brand awareness, referrals, traffic, rankings, and profit.

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Our Link Building Process

At Build To Last SEO Agency, our experienced link building professionals stick to white hat SEO strategies no matter how complex your industry is. With plenty of backlink building experience in hand, our SEO experts will create a strategy that gives an edge over your competitors.

Below are the steps that we follow to create an outstanding link building strategy that gives you results.

1- Research

First, we have a discussion with you to understand your business, goals, and vision.

Then, we conduct a thorough research about your market, industry, keywords, and competitors to build a top link acquisition strategy. We conduct a link audit to analyse the presence of any harmful, manipulative backlinks created in the past and remove them. 

2- Discover Relevant Sites

Our link building experts find quality & relevant sites with high DA, DR, and organic traffic for maximum benefits. Our SEO experts collect a list of websites to build a top-notch strategy and maximise your website's traffic and returns depending on your industry.

3- Create content

The best links are the links that you acquire naturally which is possible by content creation. Our in-house writers have plenty of experience writing for various niches. We understand your requirements and deliver flawless, unique quality content to naturally attract links to your site.

Our outreach team has good relationship with many top websites, bloggers, journalists, and editors.  Our experts would hand-pick websites that suits your market, create content, and build initial links to kickstart the link building campaigns. 

We keep posting relevant, unique, and quality content that helps your audience to bring quality referral traffic to your site that assists in natural link acqusition.

4- Measure and report results

We monitor and track the performance of the link building strategies. Our link building experts measure the performance and tweak the strategy (if necessary) to achieve your goal. 

Also, our dedicated link building strategist delivers a performance report at the end of every month or every week, as we want to deliver full transparency in our work.

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