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If you are searching for the best email finder tool, you are on the right page. Here, I introduce you to one of the most trusted marketing tools in the market. It is called Keep reading to find out more about this tool.

What is is a email finder tool. The tool stands out from the rest for being able to execute bulk tasks. Lately, the platform has upgraded to allow its users to perform direct outreach instead of uploading contacts on the CRM first. 

The platform is very easy to use and more convenient; the reason small businesses are now considering the tool. Most businesses are now incorporating the tool into their marketing to make list creation easier. 

 This tool helps any marketing professional to find customer contacts without using any domain. This makes it suitable for companies using cold emailing to reach out to new and existing customers. You can also use this tool to verify emails to your CRM. Its affordability is another benefit you want to look into when you consider what its competitors are offering. 

What Are The Key Features of

When looking for the best email marketing and outreach tool, you have to consider some of the key features that make it stand out from the rest of the park. Some features that you can enjoy when you subscribe to include the following:

Email Finder 

This is probably one of the best tools you can find in The platform comes with an email finder feature that is quite similar to the search function. The only difference is that you have to enter the domain and name to discover if the email is real or not. 

This feature makes most people think that may not be legal. The reason is that it helps you find people emails randomly, which is a useful feature if you are planning to do some cold pitching for your marketing campaign. 

The tool scraps the internet for results that contain any emails that you enter in the search tab. The process is legal, and it’s upon you to be careful how you use the results that the tool provides you. 

I entered the name ‘Joseph’, and some of the results I found from the platform are shown in the image below. These are some of the emails behind a website with domain names beginning with the name Joseph. You can look up the emails of businesses and individuals using this tool. All you do is enter the website or domain name the individual is associated with, and you are good to go.


Email Verifier 

Sometimes you can be having emails on your list that you want to verify if they are active or not. helps you verify emails before you can add them to your mailing list end start sending them content. 

The good side of this is that you can reduce the bounce rate. You type the email that you want to verify and hit the confirm button. Once you find out that the email is authentic, you can go ahead and pitch them to market your business. has a metric called confidence score. This enables you to grasp how much chance you have of contacting the email address the platform has found for you. In most cases, any confidence score above 90% is more likely to work.

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Bulk Tasks

The bulk task is another unique feature that you will only find in With this feature, you can easily carry out bulk domain searches and verify if the email addresses you get are legit and reachable. This feature is helpful if your business is dealing with big data. You can perform all the searches on in bulk and save time to perform other essential tasks in your marketing.

When using the bulk task feature to search and verify emails, all you have to do is import the contacts list in CSV format. You can verify the emails and extract addresses from the list of companies and domains. 

Lead Generation is one of the best tools for lead generation. Any small business needs lead generation to build a customer base. Hunter can find the email addresses of different individuals as long as you have their company names, job titles, and personal name. 

Also, to prevent excess bounce rates, the platform will verify the emails you find if they are reachable. 

The only downside of this tool is that it doesn’t guarantee that the email is of the exact person you want to reach. These are predictive emails, and you should only sending them outreach content cautiously.


Integrations are another essential feature you should look for in any email marketing platform. Hunter has the best integrative capability. You can easily integrate with most of the CRM solutions. It is also usable with the G-Suite application. 

Once you connect the APIs of the third-party tools, you can easily import the lead data you obtain from Hunter. Some of the applications that integrate well with include Zoho, Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive.

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Data Filtering

How effective an outreach tool is in working with large data is a feature you want to consider most when choosing. has a well-designed data filtering feature.  

Once you acquire data through Hunter and import them to another third party tool, you can filter it and get useful insights for your business. This is an important feature in Hunter that makes it easier to collect useful information. 

Automated Cold Email Campaigns has been in high demand for the last three years. Most people prefer this tool for its ability to perform cold pitching. The Hunter team decided to incorporate the automated cold email campaign feature to make it easier for users. The Hunter campaign feature now makes it easier to find a lead for your campaigns on the platform itself. 

However, this feature is only made available for cold email campaigns designed to work with Gmail and G suite. You can opt for a more dedicated email automation platform if you are conversant with more advanced marketing software.

This platform has been able to provide a mix of personalization and email automation with better results. It offers you ready-made templates for cold emails and follow-ups. You can edit these templates to suit your specs and send them to your customers. 

You can also take advantage of this aspect to optimize your content and save time on correcting the technicalities of the email. Some other features you can look out for in include:

  • Scheduling: You can determine the daily quota of your emails and when you plan to send them to your contacts.
  • Tracking: Determine how your contacts are interacting with the emails
  • Personalization: you can verify and review any email that Hunter provides
  • Verifying: Ensure the emails you send to your contacts receive the highest deliverability rate


  • It comes with a Chrome extension which makes it easy to use 
  • It has a more versatile CRM 
  • Before subscribing to a paid package, the platform gives you 50 free searches
  • It uses contact and domain names to offer seamless searching of email addresses. 
  • It provides you with more reliable results 
  • You can use the platform to find specific email addresses and phone numbers (For American contacts).
  • You can search for email addresses of employees within an organization 


  • The platform does not allow for personal email searching 
  • If you are looking for a cheaper tool, Hunter may look a bit expensive for you
  • It does not permit social media integration because it is not a social search tool like its competitors.
  • The free version is only limited to 50 email searches 
  • It is not clear how you’ll be using the credits Pricing 

If you want to pay for a monthly subscription, this is how much this platform will charge you. The cheapest plan, Starter, goes for 49€ while the most expensive Enterprise plan will cost you up to 399 €. 

The only significant difference between these plans is the number of email verification and searches you can have per month. 

This is beneficial because you can choose a plan based on the number of email searches you are expecting per month. For a small business looking forward to limited outreach monthly, the Starter plan is just enough to keep your marketing going. This plan offers up to 500 searches and 1000 verifications monthly. Pricing


Is it legal to use

Yes, it is legal to use in your email outreach. This tool scraps through the internet to help you find target emails you can use in your campaign. However, the company advises that you use the tool with caution when sending outreach emails to your recipients.

Is the best email finder?

There are different email finder apps you can find in the market. However, is more reliable compared to most of its competitors. If you are looking for an email finder, you can count on it. This tool should come first in your list of top email finder apps.

What can I search on

Once you subscribe to, you can such for individuals and company email addresses. This data is useful when you want to cold pitch and improve your customer base. 

Who can use

Any business or individuals looking forward to improving their outreach can use This is also a helpful outreach tool for sales and marketing teams to search for target emails.

How much time can I save with

With, you can save a lot of time. This tool helps you save user time that you should otherwise spend on manual research for emails on company websites. It helps with bulk tasks, especially when searching and verifying customer emails and phone numbers. 

The platform has a large database of company and individual emails with most data points. Therefore, compared with other competing apps, I can say confidently that will save you a ton of time in your email marketing campaign.

Should you use

There are many reasons why you should prefer Hunter to other email outreach tools. You should go for this tool because of its deliverability, affordability, and other unique features. This platform support English, French, and Italian. is a web-based tool, which means it can encounter downtime at times. In some cases, users complain of minimal downtime. The user interface is easy to navigate and clean. Every report and metric is presented to you in a reliable and easy to understand manner. 

The other downside of Hunter you should not forget is its desktop version. The application is web-based and integrated with other Google web-based apps. However, it is surprising that the app does not have a mobile support system. You can only use it on your desktop. is not compatible with other browsers like Firefox, which may be a turning point for most users.

The lack of support for social media is also another factor you should consider before choosing the app. The app cannot extract email addresses from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As you know, companies and individuals share a lot of contact details on social platforms. 

Final Thoughts 

There are plenty of email finders out there. However, stands out from the rest for most of the features mentioned in this review. You can take advantage of the 50 free searches in the Free plan to build your mail list as a startup. Most platforms do not provide this feature for free. 

It is very easy to access and use, making it one of the best tools for beginners. Apart from the price that is a bit high for small businesses, you shouldn’t find any other deal-breaker in this tool. You can count on to search, verify, and track emails.

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